Sweater weather? This Noppies Kids sweater is exactly what you’re looking for. The Gangapur sweater features a 'NP' print on the chest in terry towelling fabric and ribbed sleeve cuffs and a ribbed hem. The hood boasts some playful striped lining. The stretch in the soft cotton has resulted in a great deal of comfort.

This item of clothing won’t just allow you to make a sustainable choice for your child('s future), but also for our planet. This sweater is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Not just super soft for your little one, but it also meets high international production and environmental standards. Our GOTS cotton will allow you to make the very best choice for yourself, your child and the world. From the environmentally-conscious way in which the cotton is produced, right through to the working conditions, everything meets the high standards. And it’s deliciously comfy too!

Everything in the Noppies Kids collection can be combined, so you can easily allow your little one to put together his own outfit.

Noppies - Hoodie Sweater

Color: Dark Ivy